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Aktuális kedvezmények és akciók - szeptember 2020

Befejezett ajánlatok

10% kedvezmény a Websportáruház oldalán kupon (ig 3.22.)
3000 Ft kedvezmény teljes árú termékekre kupon (ig 12.31.)
Akár -60% kedvezmény futócipőkre a Websportáruház.hu oldalán (ig 12.1.)
56 % kedvezmény ERIMA termékekre (ig 12.1.)
Akciók a Websportáruház.hu oldalán (ig 12.1.)
FUTÓCIPŐ akció a Websportáruház oldalán (ig 12.1.)
Floorball Akció - Akár 50% kedvezmény! (ig 9.9.)
Salming pólók kedvezményes áron! (ig 2.28.)
Lotto teniszcipők 40%-os kedvezménnyel! (ig 2.11.)
35% kedvezmény Asics futócipőkre! (ig 2.11.)
40% kedvezmény Lotto focicipőkre! (ig 2.11.)
30% kedvezmény Asics sportruházatra (ig 12.17.)
Asics futócipő -35% kedvezménnyel! (ig 12.10.)
Asics futócipő akciós áron! (ig 10.22.)


9.16.: HBC Nantes - Telekom Veszprém 24:28 We won in Nantes with a confident second half performance. Read the report, sta… https://t.co/Nd2GpfD3ly
9.16.: https://t.co/uegH3hmkT8
9.16.: Today: HBC Nantes - Telekom Veszprém EHF Champions League Broadcasts: Sport 1 20:45 #RedUnited https://t.co/x5tzmW1qy6
9.15.: After the training the guys started their journey to Nantes. #RedUnited https://t.co/YG1mVv597H
9.15.: The boys started the day with video training. #RedUnited https://t.co/JGh5yTngC3
9.15.: #RedUnited https://t.co/EULp9GuQLJ
9.14.: #RedUnited https://t.co/2dzDZiwYjP
9.14.: Nantes – Veszprém pregame statements „If we play on our level, we have a great chance to win in France.” Read more… https://t.co/nbGdsf0izT
9.14.: Photos of our game against Cegléd. You can see the full gallery by clicking on the link below. #RedUnited… https://t.co/NtfkwTo4D4
9.13.: Telekom Veszprém - Cegléd KKSE 34:19 Victory a few days before the start of the Champions League! Read the report,… https://t.co/L7dIhAlePJ
9.13.: #RedUnited https://t.co/zkKGzhfa2W
9.13.: #RedUnited https://t.co/8tYCXSTrQI
9.11.: SEHA trophies go well with our Arena. #RedUnited https://t.co/WsVQtdb7gd
9.11.: #RedUnited https://t.co/RRYTo1jpqH
9.10.: The gallery of Veszprémi KKFT - Telekom Veszprém is now available on the link below. #RedUnited… https://t.co/0c2wH4J23X
9.10.: László Nagy about the SEHA Final4 weekend „I am happy that the quality training we did now showed up in the games a… https://t.co/I3u8ZPh56m
9.9.: Veszprémi KKFT - Telekom Veszprém 21:37 We beat the young KKFT with 16 goals. Read the report, statistics and state… https://t.co/JD5A9a2ODE
9.9.: #RedUnited https://t.co/nFjacic1yM
9.9.: David Davis about the SEHA League Final4 “This victory goes out to the players and coaches, who were with us last y… https://t.co/wRAzYeVM1s
9.9.: #RedUnited https://t.co/9sY5NIH9w2
9.9.: #RedUnited https://t.co/Y4cf3M31q5
9.8.: Marian Cozma would be celebrating his 38th birthday today! May he rest in peace! #RedUnited https://t.co/Wgun9V0iwn
9.7.: It might happen that the MVP arrives late to the team lunch 🤷‍♂️🥇 #RedUnited https://t.co/C8RdjlCC5u
9.7.: 5 of our players were nominated to the All Star team of SEHA - Gazprom League Final4. Well done guys! #RedUnited https://t.co/uQp6gyNsKd
9.7.: #RedUnited https://t.co/sEtxIRzuPm
9.6.: HC Vardar 1961 - Telekom Veszprém 27:35 We won the SEHA - Gazprom League for the third time! Read the report, stati… https://t.co/2rXDBTmUkp
9.6.: 🏆 We are the Champions 🥇 #RedUnited https://t.co/x6H68Phsr0
9.6.: 🏆🏆🏆 #RedUnited https://t.co/Swo7pjAlNX
9.5.: Foreshadow: Veszprém – Vardar We have to beat the two times Champions League winner to earn the first trophy of the… https://t.co/mVyBLLV8vy
9.4.: Telekom Veszprém – Meshkov Brest 28:24 We are in the final on Sunday! Read the report, statistics and statements of… https://t.co/xPsNuBl3S9
9.4.: #RedUnited https://t.co/rkejgqydFL
9.4.: #RedUnited https://t.co/4nHdWspEk9
9.4.: #RedUnited https://t.co/qipcYc4bmk
9.4.: #RedUnited https://t.co/rxM4Go14oU
9.4.: Foreshadow: Veszprém – Brest We face Brest for the fourth time in the SEHA League Final4. Read more about our upcom… https://t.co/PsaywwvXLJ
9.4.: #RedUnited https://t.co/v1xkLbKTYj
9.3.: Photos of the training in Zadar. #RedUnited https://t.co/wwcXrdaMtJ
9.3.: Veszprém – Brest pregame statements „Our team is getting better and better game by game, match by match” Read more… https://t.co/fm5rmWYpCl
9.3.: Photos of our game against Csurgó. You can see the full gallery by clicking on the link below.… https://t.co/zIAO3ZwFtQ
9.3.: Yesterday after the game the team got on bus and traveled to Zadar to play in the SEHA-Gazprom League Final4.… https://t.co/GDsoiwxXf4
9.2.: Telekom Veszprém - Csurgói KK 40:21 We travel to Zadar with a confident victory in our pocket! Read the report, sta… https://t.co/ncNur45EDp
9.2.: #RedUnited https://t.co/90sPUQPGWQ
9.2.: #RedUnited https://t.co/cukk8bdB7x
9.1.: Omar Yahia scored his 100th goal in Veszprém jersey against Budakalász last week! Bravo Yaya! #RedUnited https://t.co/ijLW5rjoCh
8.29.: Official statement The game against Kiel will be postponed! Read more on the link below. #RedUnited… https://t.co/IPnBwj3Pct
8.29.: Képek a Budakalász elleni mérkőzésről. További képek weboldalunkon. Photos of our game against Budakalász. More pho… https://t.co/lb7RaahMFY
8.29.: Foreshadow: Veszprém – Kiel The farewell game of László Nagy, Momir Ilic, Árpád Sterbik and Nándor Fazekas comes! R… https://t.co/zd8WgvItWb
8.28.: Telekom Veszprém - Budakalász Kézilabda Zrt. 35:24 We started the Hungarian championship with a victory! Read the r… https://t.co/A9GFGRGNrm
8.28.: #RedUnited https://t.co/DRC5nsf7wu
8.28.: Number of days without championship games in Veszprém Arena. All of this is about to change today... #RedUnited https://t.co/8wNg2UVIA3
8.28.: #RedUnited https://t.co/lcZf5yvaY1
8.27.: Foreshadow: Veszprém – Budakalász We start the K&H League! Read more about our upcoming opponent on the link below.… https://t.co/SLVGFxju1b
8.27.: The team of Telekom Veszprém for the 2020/21 season! #RedUnited https://t.co/1j2FBHCuPT
8.26.: Boldog születésnapot! 🥳🎂 #RedUnited https://t.co/qK99T9KTYo
8.26.: Boldog születésnapot! 🥳🎂 #RedUnited https://t.co/8hcaeQOcQj
8.21.: Telekom Veszprém - Lomza Vive Kielce 29:32 Kielce managed to win in Veszprém Arena. Read the report, statistics and… https://t.co/I0mw9G6VFt
8.21.: https://t.co/5E5AwBmT44
8.21.: #RedUnited https://t.co/UQaoZ2qAh9
8.20.: Foreshadow: Veszprém – Kielce We continue the preparation against the Polish champions. Read more on our upcoming o… https://t.co/UHtKofPaa2
8.20.: Official goalkeeper jerseys of Telekom Veszprém for the season of 2020/21 #RedUnited https://t.co/e52WRrhiXz
8.20.: Official game jerseys of Telekom Veszprém for the season of 2020/21 #RedUnited https://t.co/JM9UFSQpOT
8.20.: Boldog születésnapot! 🥳 #RedUnited https://t.co/fwzTL1AlDC
8.18.: Full gallery available from our brand new dressing room on the link below! #RedUnited https://t.co/m0A32ClcQS https://t.co/XUNObAP3su
8.18.: Petar Nenadic is once again the winner of the Carlos Perez award The Serbian center back became the best player of… https://t.co/ww3gKDrUVZ
8.17.: From the bottom of our hearts! #RedUnited https://t.co/r6x1dvONmS
8.17.: We presented the new locker room to the players – Video The boys took over their new dressing room before the after… https://t.co/hnpgzK4naU
8.17.: Boldog születésnapot! 🎂 #RedUnited https://t.co/RDfFEQCQgT
8.16.: Photos of our game against Balatonfüred. https://t.co/WD4AnVvUf0észülési+mérkőzések&item_id=675&table=handball_mat… https://t.co/6NdVXnomEq
8.15.: Telekom Veszprém – Balatonfüredi KSE 26:26 Draw against the neighbours. Read more on the link below. #RedUnited… https://t.co/CNybznLEda
8.15.: #RedUnited https://t.co/wBQlqr1aZD
8.15.: #RedUnited https://t.co/JGgrwUkdHc
8.14.: Foreshadow: Veszprém – Balatonfüred We host Balatonfüred in front of our Fans! Read more about our upcoming opponen… https://t.co/2Ax1beVOD2
8.13.: Photos of the second day of team building ⚽ Preparation continues tomorrow! 💪 #RedUnited https://t.co/9jWyPICzfv
8.13.: A few photos from the first day of team building 🎳🏓 #RedUnited https://t.co/jdpdSV6wtV
8.12.: We bid farewell to our Legends against Kiel Fazekas, Nagy, Ilic and Sterbik will say goodbye to handball against th… https://t.co/ybcdWMCCdp
8.9.: The initiation ceremony of the new players were done yesterday. Here is the old classic from Backstreet Boys perfor… https://t.co/Cl4JCjbX9C
8.9.: #RedUnited https://t.co/4L461Cv7JH
8.9.: Photos of our game against Gyöngyös. You can see the full gallery by clicking on the link below. #RedUnited… https://t.co/EELXAwgxBt
8.8.: Telekom Veszprém – HE-DO B.Braun Gyöngyös 41:30 Big difference victory on our second preparation game. Read the rep… https://t.co/50jyfhRXdK
8.8.: #RedUnited https://t.co/WFx8TKK8TU
8.8.: #RedUnited https://t.co/5tZdiU0YXh
8.7.: Foreshadow: Veszprém – Gyöngyös We continue preparation against Gyöngyös. Read more about our upcoming opponent on… https://t.co/iCTdRoYSFQ
8.6.: The Champions League’s official schedule We will start the series on 16 September against Nantes. Read more on the… https://t.co/P4DwlvYeQY
8.6.: Photos of our game against Tatabánya. For more photos visit our website. #RedUnited https://t.co/9VJsMmhTvK
8.5.: Telekom Veszprém – Grundfos Tatabánya 31:33 We started the season with a loss. Read the report, statistics and stat… https://t.co/ARsZWk6UcM
8.5.: #RedUnited https://t.co/nolgWZG3p0
8.5.: #RedUnited https://t.co/VWbPTxcKBj
8.5.: Foreshadow: Veszprém – Tatabánya We finished the season five months ago against Tatabánya, now we start the new one… https://t.co/hQNiFaaGfO
8.5.: #RedUnited https://t.co/QuZGCwZoCt
8.2.: We cannot wait to be with you again in our Arena! 🤾‍♂️❤️ #RedUnited https://t.co/Xw2ZssFW5n
8.1.: David Davis on yesterday’s domestic preparation game „I think that we still have a lot of work to do” Read more on… https://t.co/FCy6SkIQcW
8.1.: 🥳🎂 #RedUnited https://t.co/Zkhp6cBpNb
7.31.: #RedUnited https://t.co/OKuyTg0aw5
7.30.: Happy International Day of Friendship everyone! 🤜🤛 #RedUnited https://t.co/lhVMUn4WBy
7.30.: Status report from David Davis Our head coach evaluated the work of the last two and a half weeks. Read more on the… https://t.co/Jeh1q8i33S
7.29.: Our goalkeepers are also working hard to save every shot coming on net in the next season! #RedUnited https://t.co/60oCzovwuW
7.27.: Rasmus Lauge was injured Our Danish world champion collided with his teammate during training. Read more on the lin… https://t.co/Je3vJmLtLT
7.21.: Photos from the gym! 🏋️‍♂️ #RedUnited https://t.co/bKrkti9XRS
7.20.: Preparation game against Kielce The Polish champions come to Veszprém Arena on 21 August! Read more on the link bel… https://t.co/uyH1Q8z8MQ
7.19.: #RedUnited https://t.co/jxzi4NOkdD
7.17.: Congratulations to Márton Székely and his wife for the birth of their baby! We wish a lot of happiness for them! ❤️… https://t.co/FiiadlVdjU
7.15.: Photos of the training. #RedUnited https://t.co/765MxPFr9x
7.15.: #RedUnited https://t.co/k1BFRo7Son
7.14.: The players did a great job in this off-season period. #RedUnited https://t.co/DM7hcsJB3f
7.14.: First gym training of the season. #RedUnited https://t.co/gGezucc80q
7.13.: Photos of the first training in the season of 2020/21. #RedUnited https://t.co/mHXVHVs99e
7.13.: Preparation schedule of Telekom Veszprém The eight weeks preparation of our team starts today. Read more on the lin… https://t.co/5RPYgzWnQ8
7.12.: Season opening team dinner ✅ We start tomorrow! #RedUnited https://t.co/0wWjSNEtwb
7.12.: #RedUnited https://t.co/HgJcmB9wji
7.11.: #RedUnited https://t.co/iu3xhsnlNk
7.10.: https://t.co/qV0VdnznoS
7.9.: Official Announcement: Péter Lukács Péter Lukács comes from Ferencváros on loan. Read more on the link below.… https://t.co/WDvk3lfSc5
7.9.: #RedUnited https://t.co/fj4NScY9bt
7.8.: #RedUnited https://t.co/j4TlN7GQ1N
7.7.: #RedUnited https://t.co/6xTupjS6Yu
7.6.: Boldog születésnapot! 🎂 #RedUnited https://t.co/P1BcTRhAEA
7.6.: One week until the start of the preparation! #RedUnited https://t.co/7jKKShmJdo
7.3.: Make Lauge World Player of the Year 2019! Vote for Rasmus, to be the best player of the world! Read more on the lin… https://t.co/7fowEGwt88
7.2.: #RedUnited https://t.co/EyBCAo1pNJ
7.2.: #RedUnited https://t.co/iqB7jVSjWf
7.2.: #RedUnited https://t.co/MwPfaxuutb
7.1.: #RedUnited https://t.co/UO7XOPXK7Y
7.1.: Reactions after the Champions League draw „Our goal is to clinch one of the first two spots of the group” Read more… https://t.co/fn0okrR05E
7.1.: Draw for the group phase of the Champions League We will face tough opponents once again in the next season. Read m… https://t.co/PD6yzPOEBz
7.1.: Equipment brand change at Telekom Veszprém Our equipment will be provided by 2Rule from now on. Read more on the li… https://t.co/uPPO686Ty3
7.1.: The roster of Telekom Veszprém for the 2020/21 season. #RedUnited https://t.co/IVO7pEdEEB
6.29.: Summer cleaning in the Arena brought our trophies together! 🏆 #RedUnited https://t.co/0Bi06Hd2KS
6.29.: Some just start earlier than others 🏋️‍♂️ #RedUnited https://t.co/PvWknpLkI2
6.28.: Happy birthday! 🎉 #RedUnited https://t.co/CPas93TMOK
6.27.: #RedUnited https://t.co/G20zXiaqoW
6.27.: Ever wondered how hard can it be to give short statements in front of our camera? If not, now Vladimir Cupara will… https://t.co/b1lhMhl8Ap
6.26.: #RedUnited https://t.co/sTPD2fvq7k
6.26.: Happy birthday! 🎁 #RedUnited https://t.co/s2Fh3bM7Yh
6.24.: #RedUnited https://t.co/BFEz6vM0gj
6.23.: #RedUnited https://t.co/YOnkmmbTCN
6.23.: Seeding in the Champions League We await the draw from the first pot! Read more on the link below. #RedUnited… https://t.co/fUvkAzOUjq
6.21.: 📸 Top 4 photos of Carlos Perez from the 2019/20 season. #RedUnited https://t.co/4szssd8nUp
6.21.: 📸 Top 4 photos of David Davis from the 2019/20 season. #RedUnited https://t.co/syXg2XVRWd
6.21.: 📸 Top 4 photos of Máté Lékai from the 2019/20 season. #RedUnited https://t.co/3b9PqkKIkQ
6.20.: 📸 Top 4 photos of Borut Mackovsek from the 2019/20 season. #RedUnited https://t.co/d5nEKlbXM3
6.20.: 📸 Top 4 photos of Petar Nenadic from the 2019/20 season. #RedUnited https://t.co/jR9RBixQyA
6.20.: Happy birthday! 🎂 #RedUnited https://t.co/eM4QGLIFyk
6.19.: 📸 Top 4 photos of Mirsad Terzic from the 2019/20 season. #RedUnited https://t.co/yZ4f8TJ1Is
6.19.: 📸 Top 4 photos of Manuel Strlek from the 2019/20 season. #RedUnited https://t.co/SlwrbbjQMD
6.19.: 📸 Top 4 photos of Rasmus Lauge from the 2019/20 season. #RedUnited https://t.co/D7K9rxfadE
6.18.: 📸 Top 4 photos of Gasper Marguc from the 2019/20 season. #RedUnited https://t.co/6bowrdux89
6.18.: Few weeks ago we were asked to film some promo videos for the @EHFEURO with Kentin Mahé and Kent Robin Tonnesen. Ho… https://t.co/41e9njmwRg
6.18.: 📸 Top 4 photos of Pawel Paczkowski from the 2019/20 season. #RedUnited https://t.co/KbCiQs8ItP
6.18.: Deep sadness filled our hearts upon hearing the news of the passing of the three times Olympic champion, World and… https://t.co/0LkHrZUqKF
6.18.: 📸 Top 4 photos of Andreas Nilsson from the 2019/20 season. #RedUnited https://t.co/BnrFp2W10M
6.17.: 📸 Top 4 photos of Dragan Gajic from the 2019/20 season. #RedUnited https://t.co/611qmTsvhX
6.17.: 📸 Top 4 photos of Vladimir Cupara from the 2019/20 season. #RedUnited https://t.co/ANOX50Q5wi
6.17.: 📸 Top 4 photos of Kent Robin Tonnesen from the 2019/20 season. #RedUnited https://t.co/a6sDquzFyE
6.16.: 📸 Top 4 photos of Rogerio Moraes from the 2019/20 season. #RedUnited https://t.co/x48UwVOnpE
6.16.: 📸 Top 4 photos of Márton Székely from the 2019/20 season. #RedUnited https://t.co/tHtnnUZ1dc
6.16.: 📸 Top 4 photos of Omar Yahia from the 2019/20 season. #RedUnited https://t.co/ib0N7snWdf
6.15.: 📸 Top 4 photos of Dejan Manaskov from the 2019/20 season. #RedUnited https://t.co/TBT17hFyuS
6.15.: 📸 Top 4 photos of Árpád Sterbik from the 2019/20 season. #RedUnited https://t.co/uKFNsE4x2s
6.12.: Official Announcement: Benedek Nagy Benedek Nagy goes to Gyöngyös on a loan. Read more on the link below.… https://t.co/rjKWdvTAXd
6.12.: Two players and our head coach are in the CL All-Star team Blagotinsek defended his title as Best Defender from las… https://t.co/habp4OXMCl
6.11.: Ask Patrik Ligetvári! #RedUnited https://t.co/kBkhB8PbKl
6.11.: 33 days until preparations start! 💪 #RedUnited https://t.co/YUC3O8uyh6
6.10.: Interview with Petar Nenadic „I will try to be better and better each year that comes.” Read more on the link below… https://t.co/wW85L0LogV
6.4.: „I only give my 100% in my performance.” Read our interview with Blaz Blagotinsek on the link below. #RedUnited… https://t.co/loOULP69zg
6.3.: Ask David Davis! #RedUnited https://t.co/g0RkKp93Z1
6.1.: The winning pair #RedUnited https://t.co/FBflgS0fBA
5.29.: Thank you Terza! #RedUnited https://t.co/xHZpZmsfE8
5.28.: Interview with Gábor Császár „I enjoyed this season.” Read more on the link below. #RedUnited… https://t.co/OOAOShJNPA
5.27.: Rodrigo Corrales is the best goalkeeper of the French league Our new goalkeeper, coming this summer, made it to the… https://t.co/pGJVvnPqWv
5.26.: Edzés / Training 🤾‍♂️ #RedUnited https://t.co/zeVzXjAKWU
5.26.: Six of our players and our head coach can make it to 2019/20 dreamteam of the Champions League. Read more on the li… https://t.co/NlHrxf9ESR
5.25.: Some tennis was played last weekend. 🎾 #RedUnited https://t.co/cDd4aCsc8U
5.25.: Weekend on the tennis court #RedUnited https://t.co/GId1b9jSmA
5.24.: Little stroll on the seashore. 🏝️ #RedUnited https://t.co/rbXFGeh3uk
5.22.: Interview with Kent Robin Tonnesen „I will be ready for the start of the season.” Read more on the link below.… https://t.co/CnMy8UgekI
5.22.: Happy birthday! 🎂 #RedUnited https://t.co/8DCUQvP90K
5.20.: Countdown started, 55 days left. #RedUnited https://t.co/a4oKgmH4kA
5.19.: Interview with Patrik Ligetvári Short conversation with our international left back. Read more on the link below.… https://t.co/KBox8pdyLE
5.18.: Guys had a little exercise today as well. #RedUnited https://t.co/77itn794iq
5.17.: Thank you Pacho! #RedUnited https://t.co/TtbEDbZ6Iz
5.17.: Thank you Boki! #RedUnited https://t.co/kUxIaBPiJg
5.17.: „For us, you are the team and you are the supporters” Video message of our sponsor, VIAVIN Építőipari Zrt.:… https://t.co/VbAXj8lQfM
5.16.: Thank you Gajo!❤️ #RedUnited https://t.co/E2czwxX0UL
5.16.: „For us, you are the team and you are the supporters” Video message of our name sponsor: #RedUnited https://t.co/SdlH1kffLd
5.16.: Who would be the better basketball player? 😉🏀 #RedUnited https://t.co/gWiyv8piFs
5.15.: Thank you Terza! ❤️ #RedUnited https://t.co/3EJWfymkiV
5.15.: Interview with David Davis „We are going to come back stronger” Read more on the link below. #RedUnited… https://t.co/Cn2z7JlGu0
5.14.: The board of Veszprém Handball Team Co. Ltd. said goodbye today to the leaving players: Mirsad Terzic, Borut Mackov… https://t.co/ujvz3vRHgi
5.14.: Farewell in the Arena The board said goodbye to the leaving players. Read more in the link below. #RedUnited… https://t.co/QasszYOlDY
5.14.: Training in the Arena once again! #RedUnited https://t.co/A97mjGKHCf
5.13.: 6 seasons, 6 photos – Andreas Nilsson #RedUnited #StayAtHome #MaradjOtthon https://t.co/ZHzxMezhOn
5.10.: We talked with the goalkeeper of our dream team, Árpád Sterbik. Read more on the link below. #RedUnited #StayAtHome… https://t.co/lzKGlSWLn9
5.8.: We talked with the line player of our dream team, Andreas Nilsson. Read more on the link below. #RedUnited… https://t.co/rHpfC59M6D
5.4.: 📸 6 seasons, 6 photos – Lékai Máté #RedUnited #StayAtHome #WeAreVeszprem https://t.co/o1y623yvhh
5.4.: Official Announcement: Viktor Melnyicsuk Viktor Melnyicsuk continues in Motor Zaporozhye. Read more on the link bel… https://t.co/k1529QTMk5
5.3.: Six years of Gasper Marguc in Veszprém! #RedUnited #StayAtHome #MaradjOtthon https://t.co/lhrMVsuWzT
4.30.: Official announcement: Bence Hornyák Bence Hornyák signs a 1+1 year contract with Tatabánya. #RedUnited #StayAtHome… https://t.co/NT5UZ2k0sj
4.29.: 11 years of Mirsad Terzic. #RedUnited #StayAtHome #MaradjOtthon https://t.co/xPgNnJGLse
4.28.: Player eligibility for the Final Four in December The EHF has made a decision on the players changing clubs over th… https://t.co/YJYCnohwPS
4.28.: Official announcement: Lev Szuharev Lev Szuharev signs to Eger for a year on loan. Read more on the link below.… https://t.co/uxLoFiz9QY
4.25.: Arra kértük játékosainkat, küldjenek egy-egy videót, hogy mivel töltik napjaikat. Íme Marcié: We asked our players… https://t.co/KzpeJ7IVSi
4.24.: Telekom Veszprém’s search engine is here With every click or Google search, you support Fan activity! Read more on… https://t.co/uo6if4b54t
4.24.: There will be no best 16, nor quarterfinal, we qualified for the Final4 This article is refreshing continuously wit… https://t.co/iavWOpmilX
4.23.: We asked our players to send some videos about their daily life. Here is the first: #RedUnited #StayAtHome https://t.co/ws9pQUC5YS
4.22.: We talked with the right back of our dream team, László Nagy. Read more on the link below. #RedUnited #StayAtHome… https://t.co/6H74532AiR
4.22.: Our clashes against Montpellier and Kiel were seen in more than 17 countries all over the world. Read more on the l… https://t.co/vVEK2uxLxz
4.21.: We talked with the center back of our dream team, József Éles. Read more on the link below. #RedUnited #StayAtHome… https://t.co/aSfPvRoRrt
4.20.: We talked with the left back of our dream team. Read the interview with Carlos Perez on the link below. #RedUnited… https://t.co/z13va5lAdD
4.19.: #RedUnited #StayAtHome https://t.co/2ahcBg1sow
4.19.: Veszprém in prime position in the all-time standings Our team was ranked on ninth place in the research of handball… https://t.co/st21WH0iqT
4.16.: Our player is not infected He produced negative tests for the second and third time as well! Read more on the link… https://t.co/QAFw7VkYWD
4.16.: The EHF will decide about the exact schedule of the continuation on 24 April. Read more on the link below.… https://t.co/oaRLOYbkrH
4.16.: We talked with the left wing of our dream team, Gergő Iváncsik. Read more on the link below. #RedUnited #StayAtHome… https://t.co/2I66tbwOFY
4.15.: Our Fans voted for the all-time best of Veszprém. Read more on the link below. #RedUnited #StayAtHome… https://t.co/5yZD8S6OOa
4.13.: Thank you for the votes on Instagram and Facebook! Here is the All-Star team of 43 year in Veszprém! #RedUnited… https://t.co/tXMCTU4aZC
4.12.: #RedUnited #StayAtHome https://t.co/Dhg6vChl9z
4.12.: #RedUnited https://t.co/JkWr2B515Q
4.11.: Our players are allowed to return home Unfortunately, Corona virus has reached our team as well. Read more on the l… https://t.co/9Bx3qkNgdl
4.9.: The players and board of Telekom Veszprém, furthermore Veszprém Handball Team Co. Ltd. bought a mobile ultrasound m… https://t.co/RUM9FUD8DE
4.9.: The Hungarian championship is over According to the decision, all suspended series will end without a final classif… https://t.co/kpHV7mZUKy
4.9.: Happy birthday! #RedUnited https://t.co/wMt8V4BQA7
4.7.: Official statement – Salary reduction The players accepted the salary reduction. Read more on the link below.… https://t.co/tI0r0hjl71
4.5.: Check out your brand new home training from our conditional coach, Marija Lojanica! Choose the difficulty most suit… https://t.co/4SA7Hxj16k
4.4.: Congratulations on your career, and thank you for everything Nándi! #RedUnited #WeAreVeszprem https://t.co/DFWpHtwGTw
4.3.: Four years ago, exactly to this day, we claimed our second SEHA League title after defeating HC Vardar in the final… https://t.co/8nRmQQMXE8
4.1.: #RedUnited #MaradjOtthon #StayAtHome #HandballAtHome
3.28.: #RedUnited #MaradjOtthon #StayAtHome #HandballAtHome
3.26.: #RedUnited #MaradjOtthon #StayAtHome
3.24.: #RedUnited #StayAtHome #MaradjOtthon #HandballAtHome https://t.co/ph8VBeqcQQ
3.24.: Yesterday night, the team helped the employees of the local Interspar. The boys helped selflessly, with keeping eve… https://t.co/1QbiwSmSKR
3.23.: Ma van a lengyel-magyar barátság napja! 🇵🇱🇭🇺 Today is Polish-Hungarian Friendship Day! 🇵🇱🇭🇺 Polak, Węgier, dwa brat… https://t.co/pWHAkE8ENk
3.21.: Manuel Strlek scored his 300th goal in Veszprém with a nice twist shot! #RedUnited https://t.co/OChsevj8i4
3.20.: Blaz Blagotinsek scored his 300th goal in Veszprém jersey in the game against Balatonfüred. #RedUnited https://t.co/ipCcctDrnC
3.19.: Easy 100th goal of Rasmus Lauge in Veszprém! #RedUnited https://t.co/ZxUf51Tp8w
3.18.: We would like to apologize to every downstairs neighbors in the name of the guys 😀 #RedUnited #StayAtHome… https://t.co/udojZMm2gF
3.18.: The 100th goal of Vuko Borozan in Veszprém jersey happened to be an acrobatic one! #RedUnited https://t.co/8ekIEEuo6C
3.17.: There is no stopping, not even at home! #RedUnited #StayAtHome #MaradjOtthon https://t.co/nMVbPMA3he
3.17.: Gasper Marguc scored his 900th goal in Veszprem against Budakalász! Here it is! #RedUnited https://t.co/v7ARg4Iyb5
3.17.: Our Bosnian international, Mirsad Terzic signs with the Polish runner-up. Read more on the link below. #RedUnited… https://t.co/Yi7PotOeXG
3.16.: In this occuring pandemic situation, we thought the best solution is to let the players prepare for their returns i…
3.16.: We tested ourselves - All the players gave negative Corona samples. Read more on the linke below…
3.15.: #RedUnited
3.14.: #RedUnited
3.13.: Until further notice, all competitions of the Hungarian Handball Federation will be suspended. Read more on the lin…
3.13.: The European Handball Federation postpones all games in March. Read more on the link below. #RedUnited…
3.13.: SEHA – Gazprom League postponed the quarterfinal for indefinite time. Read more on the link below. #RedUnited…
3.12.: „It will be strange to play in an empty Arena, but we are professionals” Read the pregame statements of our…
3.12.: #RedUnited
3.11.: Our game against Vojvodina on Saturday will be behind closed doors. Read more on the link below. #RedUnited…
3.11.: Photos of our game against Tatabánya. You can see the full gallery by clicking on the link below. #RedUnited…
3.10.: We have defeated Tatabánya for the third time! Read the report, statistics and statements of our victory over Tatab…
3.10.: Borut Mackovsek has just scored his 200th goal goal in Veszprém jersey today against Tatabánya. Congratulations!…
3.10.: #RedUnited
3.10.: Today’s squad against Tatabánya. #RedUnited
3.10.: On our way to Tatabánya. #RedUnited
3.10.: #RedUnited
3.9.: Statement of Vladimir Cupara before the game against Tatabánya. #RedUnited #Tippmix
3.9.: We face the „Tigers” for the third time this season. Read more about our game against Tatabánya tomorrow on the lin…
3.9.: Photos of our game against Vojvodina. You can see the full gallery by clicking on the link below. #RedUnited…
3.8.: We collected a five-goals advantage for the second leg against Vojvodina! Read the report, statistics and statement…
3.8.: #RedUnited
3.8.: Manuel Strlek scored his 300th goal in Veszprém jersey today againt Vojvodina! Congrats! #RedUnited
3.8.: Today’s squad against Vojvodina. #RedUnited
3.8.: #RedUnited
3.7.: We start the SEHA League quarterfinal in Novi Sad! Read more about the first quarterfinal leg of the @SEHALeague ag…
3.7.: Official Statement: Pawel Paczkowski The Polish right back’s contract will not be extended. Read more on the link b…
3.6.: #RedUnited
3.6.: „Of course, we go to Novi Sad to win.” Read the pregame statements of our quarterfinal clash against Vojvodina in t…
3.5.: Photos of our game against Balatonfüred. You can see the full gallery by clicking on the link below. #RedUnited…
3.5.: Blaz Blagotinsek celebrated his 300th goal in Veszprém jersey yesterday against Balatonfüred! Congrats Blagi!…
3.4.: Victory in the local derby! Read the report, statistics and statements of our victory over Balatonfüred on the link…
3.4.: #RedUnited
3.4.: Rasmus Lauge scored his 100th goal in Veszprém jersey today against Balatonfüred! Congratulations! #RedUnited
3.4.: Vuko Borozan has scored his 100th goal in Veszprém jersey today in Balatonfüred! Bravo Vuko! #RedUnited
3.4.: Today’s squad against Balatonfüred. #RedUnited
3.4.: #RedUnited
3.3.: Statement of Blaz Blagotinsek before the game against Balatonfüred. #RedUnited #Tippmix https://t.co/9FqlohWhRl
3.3.: We visit the fifth placed Balatonfüred tomorrow. Read more about our upcoming opponent, Balatonfüred, on the link b… https://t.co/LjX1MdYMCW
3.3.: Updated March program. #RedUnited https://t.co/M3IkxBMyMb
3.3.: The dates of our clashes against Plock are official! Read about the dates of our @ehfcl Last 16 clash against Plock… https://t.co/AWCOykQeGO
3.1.: #RedUnited https://t.co/BQsBC6Dn5V
3.1.: Photos of our game against Motor. https://t.co/ARr7NTMfjwája+&item_id=669&table=handball_matches&thumbnail=%2F_use… https://t.co/yk3DpXU68k
3.1.: #RedUnited https://t.co/IOREclxu54
2.29.: Gasper Marguc has played in Veszprém jersey for the 250th time today! Congratulations! #RedUnited https://t.co/1FGjgv5BWL
2.29.: Petar Nenadic played his 100th game in Veszprém jersey today! Congrats! #RedUnited https://t.co/OWZL5liAfr
2.29.: We closed the Champions League group phase with a nice victory. Read the report, statistics and statements of our v… https://t.co/Y6gqEMoHVp
2.29.: #RedUnited https://t.co/By3wvkLw0p
2.29.: Today’s squad against Motor Zaporozhye. #RedUnited https://t.co/7sZAcPDjb4
2.29.: #RedUnited https://t.co/TYsU5RpWYw
2.29.: Ma / Today: Motor Zaporozhye - Telekom Veszprém VELUX EHF Bajnokok Ligája 17:30 Közvetíti / Broadcasts: Sport 1… https://t.co/wC2UYYXkM0
2.29.: #RedUnited https://t.co/2gnnzPfDu6
2.28.: #RedUnited https://t.co/bdYAPKfFw3
2.28.: The „Építők” close the group phase in Ukraine. Read about our upcoming opponent in the @ehfcl, Motor, on the link b… https://t.co/Ax7zfpvqHS
2.28.: Departed to Zaporozhye. #RedUnited https://t.co/sIZX1twaZG
2.28.: This week, we had a guest from @TraffordHb. The head coach, Stan Beliński visited our Club, and according to him, h… https://t.co/ZmGX3WhppW
2.28.: #RedUnited https://t.co/T6q8GvujWu
2.27.: #RedUnited https://t.co/C7BIkojM8P
2.27.: „We will fight there and win the game.” Read the pregame statements of our @ehfcl game against Motor Zaporozhye on… https://t.co/9igaAvFBzF
2.26.: #RedUnited #SpeedRadar https://t.co/GU85EO6wbn
2.26.: Photos of our game against Budakalász. You can see the full gallery by clicking on the link below. #RedUnited… https://t.co/Ai5D85Dvzb
2.25.: We prepared for the weekend CL game against Motor with a confident victory. Read the report, statistics and stateme… https://t.co/BfDI3vf5eD
2.25.: #RedUnited https://t.co/m6IatzdCQo
2.25.: Gasper Marguc has just scored his 900th goal in Veszprem jersey. Well done Gasi! #RedUnited https://t.co/YjmZZBubdY
2.25.: Today’s squad against Budakalász. #RedUnited https://t.co/sDzthPO5p3
2.25.: Gasper Marguc is in the Team of the Week at M4 Sport! #RedUnited https://t.co/Uw1CfOZ3hi
2.25.: #RedUnited https://t.co/0KAfCLrbhi
2.24.: Statement of Gulyás Péter before the game against Budakalász. #RedUnited #Tippmix https://t.co/gf6arbwou9
2.24.: Veszprém Arena hosts the K&H League this time. Read more about the upcoming Hungarian League game against Budakalás… https://t.co/uE0k2kBRIH
2.24.: The 2020 Marian Cozma Man of the Year award went to Árpád Strebik. This award is given by the team to the teammate… https://t.co/iBG7ZSo77R
2.24.: #RedUnited https://t.co/bFWz1QYNkB
2.24.: Photos of our game against Montpellier. #RedUnited https://t.co/fO3xQsd0DZája+&item_id=668&table=handball_matches… https://t.co/ySnzsudyHe
2.23.: Patrice Canayer: "It is always a pleasure to play in front of this kind of support." Thank you! #RedUnited #MOTW https://t.co/MrTah3k3E5
2.23.: We secured the second spot in the group, one round before the end. Read the report, statistics and statements of ou… https://t.co/neQDRGDZlw
2.23.: #RedUnited #MOTW https://t.co/VGhEkn0fnh
2.23.: Today’s squad against Monpellier. #RedUnited #MOTW https://t.co/JEt9rgR5bC
2.23.: #RedUnited #MOTW https://t.co/CuR6CbxCfn
2.23.: Today: Telekom Veszprém - Montpellier HB VELUX EHF Bajnokok Ligája 17:00 Broadcasts: Sport 1 #RedUnited https://t.co/JJpifxfSUs
2.23.: #RedUnited #MOTW https://t.co/XJD2WEo5Ig
2.22.: #RedUnited #MOTW https://t.co/U9P3fuxhEz
2.21.: #RedUnited #MOTW https://t.co/dddEkQ57Ua
2.21.: #RedUnited https://t.co/lOHUAEjJ9q
2.21.: Guys are preparing hard for the Match Of The Week. #RedUnited #MOTW https://t.co/MtL3JUAUDO
2.21.: Our Club won the Best Team of Veszprém award again! Read more on the link below. #RedUnited… https://t.co/GR3HVZfVD6
2.20.: “We owe ourselves a better game against them.” Read the pregame statements of our MOTW in the @ehfcl against Montpe… https://t.co/R1M02yCXmn
2.19.: We will face Vojvodina on 8 and 14 March! Read more about the date of our @SEHALeague quarterfinals on the link bel… https://t.co/8zZ7aw0WEN
2.19.: Happy birthday! 🎂 #RedUnited https://t.co/lPLpyGmeOi
2.18.: Twenty-goals victory in Mezőkövesd! Read the report, statistics and statements of our victory over Mezőkövesd in th… https://t.co/JNxrPVA6Dj
2.18.: #RedUnited https://t.co/Kd5kXW4fno
2.18.: Mai keretünk a Mezőkövesd ellen. Today’s squad against Mezőkövesd. #RedUnited https://t.co/6U03qw9Gxt
2.18.: 🚍➡️Mezőkövesd #RedUnited https://t.co/0wlHfpVE7v
2.17.: Statement of Borut Mackovsek before the game against Mezőkövesd. #RedUnited #Tippmix https://t.co/WFMjT83iBg
2.17.: The „Építők” can prove once again in the K&H League. Read more about our upcoming opponent in the Hungarian League… https://t.co/7rDvJB7Lra
2.17.: Happy Birthday! 🎉 #RedUnited https://t.co/itD0TD13ut
2.16.: #RedUnited #SpeedRadar @telekomHU https://t.co/CysemGol5W
2.16.: Photos of our game against Orosháza. You can see the full gallery by clicking on the link below. #RedUnited… https://t.co/baxxtmilAL
2.15.: Confident victory on home court. Read the report, statistics and statements of our victory over Orosháza on the lin… https://t.co/DyIt4xP0AB
2.15.: #RedUnited https://t.co/PTUEY8JXCv
2.15.: Today’s squad against Orosháza. #RedUnited https://t.co/I7pULUTVtv
2.15.: #RedUnited https://t.co/kLDCPcE2Ze
2.14.: The currently 12th Orosháza visits Veszprém Arena. Read more about the upcoming opponent in the K&H League, Orosház… https://t.co/c89UszVefz
2.14.: „I cannot wait to call Veszprém my home.” Read our interview with Nikolaj Markussen on the link below. #RedUnited… https://t.co/0BGJ5jQ6et
2.14.: Telekom Veszprém will be strengthened with a European and World champion Danish left back! Read more on the link be… https://t.co/WrQI76Kpaf
2.13.: Photos of our game against Kiel. #RedUnited https://t.co/8QlO2KuWZyája+&item_id=667&table=handball_matches&thumbn… https://t.co/6L0Oq6w5zW
2.12.: We suffered a one-goal defeat in Germany. Read the report, statistics and statements of our loss against Kiel in th… https://t.co/gZEun9HVfG
2.12.: #RedUnited https://t.co/aCQ0dWkU8q
2.12.: Dejan Manaskov has now 100 games in Veszprém jersey! Congratulations Deki! #RedUnited https://t.co/vmphBTgWK0
2.12.: Today’s squad against Kiel. #RedUnited https://t.co/wPUtugJADB
2.12.: Today: THW Kiel - Telekom Veszprém VELUX EHF Champions League 19:00 Broadcasts: Sport 1 #RedUnited https://t.co/5XE2gi70Jn
2.12.: #RedUnited https://t.co/ZynbLpxdnw
2.11.: #RedUnited https://t.co/oMxyqCSJKi
2.11.: We face the German record champions for the twentieth time. Read more about our upcoming opponent in the @ehfcl on… https://t.co/MYjH6LNToQ
2.11.: Before departing to Kiel, the team remembered the late Marian Cozma with a wreath and a minute of silence upon the… https://t.co/6N7EplN31E
2.11.: A csapat elindult Kielbe. 🇩🇪 The team is on their way to Kiel. 🇩🇪 #RedUnited https://t.co/71rmSmGK65
2.11.: #RedUnited https://t.co/vkJkgxRMgZ
2.10.: #RedUnited https://t.co/gyBkCAN2Pk
2.10.: „We want revenge and beat them there in Germany.” Read the pregame statements of our clash against Kiel in the… https://t.co/9Qi604u6pm
2.9.: Photos of our game against Porto. #RedUnited https://t.co/LEviSYmHdlája+&item_id=666&table=handball_matches&thumbn… https://t.co/BmsreLEy5I
2.8.: Victory in Porto! Read the report, statistics and statements of our victory over Porto in the Champions League, on… https://t.co/c1hhP8MyrL
2.8.: #RedUnited https://t.co/rU8Ugu4KPm
2.8.: #RedUnited https://t.co/NX9V13aM9s
2.8.: Today’s squad against Porto. #RedUnited https://t.co/DsgU1MhjHd
2.8.: Today: FC Porto Sofarma - Telekom Veszprém VELUX EHF Champions League 16:00 - Hungarian time Broadcasts: Sport 1… https://t.co/dEvkWmG3nf
2.8.: It has been 11 years, that you are not with us. #RedUnited https://t.co/fZdMjZKrun
2.8.: #RedUnited https://t.co/ztNy6w2TjE
2.7.: #RedUnited https://t.co/85XPmNoh82
2.7.: See you in Portugal 🛫🇵🇹 #RedUnited https://t.co/VvYjFk08J9
2.7.: On our way to Porto. #RedUnited https://t.co/fVVLxVe2uK
2.7.: We continue the CL in Portugal. Read more about Porto, our upcoming opponent in the @ehfcl on the link below.… https://t.co/Dtf5aYNGpw
2.7.: #RedUnited https://t.co/f0d0OeCOlx
2.6.: We took our court back finally, and we prepared for the Champions League game againt Porto over the weekend.… https://t.co/JjrshcT7jB
2.6.: #RedUnited https://t.co/jROoFCFDM8
2.6.: “If we want to reach the first spot in the group, we have to win in Porto.” Read the pregame statements of our… https://t.co/SyXifssxh7
2.5.: #RedUnited https://t.co/KURvZBaCQN
2.4.: Andreas Nilsson was nominated to Team of the Week at M4 Sport! Congratulations! #RedUnited https://t.co/iXyNe0Prwn
2.4.: Dragan Gajic played his 150th game in Veszprém jersey yesterday! #RedUnited https://t.co/pkzKYpOAWy
2.4.: In just a few days, we will be back to the Arena! #RedUnited https://t.co/NJfFsOEEEc
2.4.: Photos of our game against Tatabánya. You can see the full gallery by clicking on the link below. #RedUnited… https://t.co/Il2pBNvmh7
2.3.: We advanced to the Final4 of the Hungarian Cup with a ten-goals victory! Read more about our victory over Tatabánya… https://t.co/IWdSC0yW8j
2.3.: #RedUnited https://t.co/W1fJ0XUDHA
2.3.: Today’s squad against Tatabánya. #RedUnited https://t.co/vVvyCb0WNF
2.3.: We have arrived to Tatabánya. 🐯 #RedUnited https://t.co/RMN98DOaGk
2.3.: #RedUnited https://t.co/p8uCunzJS1
2.2.: We can qualify for the Final4 of the Hungarian Cup on Monday. Read more about our upcoming opponent, Tatabánya, on… https://t.co/Q2kMYkS0un
2.1.: #RedUnited https://t.co/zklWwS62Yp
2.1.: Photos of our game against Vác. You can see the full gallery by clicking on the link below. #RedUnited… https://t.co/6fUoWmA6wL
1.31.: We return to Veszprém with two points. Read the report, statistics and statements of our victory over Vác on the li… https://t.co/UOyrm6leqn
1.31.: #RedUnited https://t.co/7fnr2drbdK
1.31.: Today’s squad against Vác. #RedUnited https://t.co/oXaOXtyadC
1.31.: We are on our way to Vác! #RedUnited https://t.co/aT9EJkeYwH
1.31.: #RedUnited https://t.co/Xa0lG5kCiY
1.30.: Statement of Máté Lékai before the game against Vác. #RedUnited #Tippmix https://t.co/TyT53mt87y
1.30.: Our court is almost at the last phase of renovation! #RedUnited https://t.co/U103DG84rL
1.30.: We start the spring season against Vác. Read about our upcoming opponent in the Hungarian league on the link below.… https://t.co/natfqVbFmn
1.29.: Official Announcement: Jorge Maqueda Read more on the link below. #RedUnited https://t.co/PZcjZcRt4E https://t.co/ZZQE4vuAcC
1.29.: Official Announcement: Daniil Shishkarev Read more on the link below. #RedUnited https://t.co/O2jm9xdQLa https://t.co/5sXH1pH95s
1.29.: Official Announcement: Tonnesen, Ligetvári, Terzic Read more on the link below. #RedUnited https://t.co/GH1bqo4D5U https://t.co/njoDL69tXC
1.29.: Our head coach talked about his perspective on the EURO 2020 tournament. Read more on the link below. #RedUnited… https://t.co/gY7xRZzB2Y
1.28.: Our court is taking shape now, soon the Gerflor will arrive and the boys can start breaking it in! #RedUnited https://t.co/39hGz5tNDY
1.24.: The guys are finished for the week. Happy weekend for everyone! #RedUnited https://t.co/RgMllehElt
1.23.: Photos of the morning training. #RedUnited https://t.co/NPQQzstHTs
1.23.: The renovation of our court is going well. #RedUnited https://t.co/ZkC6qW7RbH
1.18.: Rio, the son of Manuel Strlek has just been born! Congratulations to the family, and we wish good health for the li… https://t.co/CAhTwoPYYP
1.17.: Happy birthday! 🎉 #RedUnited https://t.co/QrgULSUFla
1.11.: Happy birthday! #RedUnited https://t.co/kLgL0kP8MV
1.10.: Our Slovenian right wing, Dragan Gajic, signed with Limoges. Read more about the departure of Dragan on the link be… https://t.co/njbBNUAetH
1.9.: Our Club celebrated the 43rd anniversary of its foundation. #RedUnited https://t.co/UbNgIoKV86
1.9.: The 2020 EURO will kick off today with the host of Sweden-Austria-Norway, where nine of our players will represent… https://t.co/SbOZOdpmbR
1.7.: Vote for Petar Nenadic! 💪 #RedUnited https://t.co/v97noPleYQ
1.5.: #RedUnited https://t.co/xkHxrCZ5XF
1.5.: #RedUnited https://t.co/ohiCKnBHUf
1.5.: #RedUnited https://t.co/MsqWauvOsV
1.4.: #RedUnited https://t.co/UNKxnEUozI
1.4.: #RedUnited https://t.co/HxrIa3K91w
1.3.: #RedUnited https://t.co/x1kgX9mTTt
1.3.: #RedUnited https://t.co/VSnN6Dw4cC
1.2.: #RedUnited https://t.co/LUbfUu4R3g
1.2.: Happy birthday! #RedUnited https://t.co/rRCsLSmuNB
1.1.: Here are the most liked photos from our Instagram account. If you are not following us still click on the link belo… https://t.co/exAzLSLinM
12.31.: Happy New Year! #RedUnited https://t.co/WAQ3MOUyTs
12.31.: Top 10 photos of Vuko Borozan from 2019. #RedUnited https://t.co/wKcNxVJFbM
12.31.: Top 4 photos of Lékai Máté from 2019. #RedUnited https://t.co/PtsFpM3qxg
12.31.: Top 4 photos of Kentin Mahé from 2019. #RedUnited https://t.co/hcNVwCTd6T
12.30.: Top 4 photos of Petar Nenadic from 2019. #RedUnited https://t.co/tAMKCrybuN
12.30.: Top 4 photos of Blaz Blagotinsek from 2019. #RedUnited https://t.co/Lwze8RWd37
12.30.: Top 4 photos of Manuel Strlek from 2019. #RedUnited https://t.co/5Y5cKAv763
12.29.: Top 4 photos of Rasmus Lauge from 2019. #RedUnited https://t.co/aj0qr2LSIe
12.29.: Top 4 photos of Gasper Marguc from 2019. #RedUnited https://t.co/2aizSomC0n
12.29.: Top 4 photos of Pawel Paczkowski from 2019. #RedUnited https://t.co/Xa8HMVDe2N
12.29.: Top 4 photos of Andreas Nilsson from 2019. #RedUnited https://t.co/nojaOm8Rmz
12.28.: Top 4 photos of Dragan Gajic from 2019. #RedUnited https://t.co/bYSLJbR4Z8
12.28.: Top 4 photos of Vladimir Cupara from 2019. #RedUnited https://t.co/qa6B0vtJXh
12.28.: Top 4 photos of Rogerio Moraes from 2019. #RedUnited https://t.co/7VH0Vb4EZQ
12.28.: Top 4 photos of Márton Székely from 2019. #RedUnited https://t.co/aYnFcXX2tr
12.28.: Top 4 photos of Omar Yahia from 2019. #RedUnited https://t.co/9r1JQUeid4
12.28.: Top 4 photos of Dejan Manaskov from 2019. #RedUnited https://t.co/QpWgaGC2WX
12.27.: Top 4 photos of Árpád Sterbik from 2019. #RedUnited https://t.co/Gj22QZAwqn
12.26.: We saddened by the news of the passing of Ildikó Bajnócziné Hujter, a long time fan of our Club. In 2017, she prese… https://t.co/RXMVjqDiaW
12.24.: We wish you a merry Christmas! 🎄🎁 https://t.co/2iKcQODf2a
12.23.: #RedUnited #SpeedRadar @telekomHU https://t.co/Hn2du0YVJe
12.22.: Two of our players were voted into the World Handball Best 8 in 2019. Rasmus Lauge Schmidt was voted Best playmaker… https://t.co/BGa3Epq5VR
12.20.: According to the votes of our Fans, the best player of December was Petar Nenadic! #RedUnited https://t.co/qgwXfQL4mj
12.19.: Happy birthday! #RedUnited https://t.co/gxPv2jLcUm
12.18.: According to M4 Sport, Gasper Marguc was the best right wing from last week. Good job Gasi! #RedUnited https://t.co/FSz3uTA5pC
12.17.: Here is our scoring list after the fall season. #RedUnited https://t.co/GKREFlbqs7
12.15.: After this long week, the team closed the year with a Christmas lunch today, where the guys even got their surprise… https://t.co/d0XX0tIKwy
12.15.: Photos of our game against Zagreb. You can see the full gallery by clicking on the link below.… https://t.co/gqvy0VjCkI

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